Beneficiation reagent

The company's pharmaceutical factory specializes in the production of various non-metallic mineral collectors, gangue mineral inhibitors, and activators, and has a number of national invention patents.

In 2010, the company successfully developed "FL-001, FL-002, FL-003, FL-004" and other new beneficiation collectors, which can be widely used in fluorite, kyanite, barite, scheelite and other minerals For beneficiation, it can also be used for reverse flotation of hematite. The salient features of the agent can realize low-temperature beneficiation (≥4ºC), reduce heating costs for beneficiation in low-temperature areas in the north and west, and have significant energy-saving and emission-reduction effects. The effect of use in the beneficiation plant is good. In 2011 and 2012, they successively developed special carbonate inhibitors, silicate inhibitors, barite inhibitors, and fluorite flotation activators for fluorite. The results of laboratory tests and industrial applications have been good, and they have been well received by users. Certainly, the application has been promoted nationwide, and the use effect is the best advertisement. Through mutual promotion among users, it quickly occupy the domestic market. The current market share has reached more than 85%. Many customers have applied our products to foreign countries. plant.

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