Gold Flotation Process

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    ● Application

    The gold ore flotation process is suitable for the treatment of gold-containing sulphide ores with finer, more buoyant gold particles. During the flotation process, the sulphide ore is enriched in the sulphide concentrate as a gold carrier. Flotation can also be used to treat polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ores and carbonaceous ores. In addition, the "hard-to-tolerate ore" that cannot be directly treated with the amalgamation method or the cyanidation method also needs to be treated by a joint process including flotation.

    Flotation equipment mainly refers to various types of flotation machines, flotation equipment such as new flotation columns, and is also used in individual gold mines.

    XJK flotation machine is a traditional self-priming flotation machine, SF, BF flotation machine is a new type of self-priming flotation machine.

    Inflatable mechanical stirring flotation machine is currently the most competitive flotation device. This type of device has the advantages of simple structure, air filling and uniform dispersion, low impeller rotation speed, low energy consumption, and light wear.


    ● Process introduction

    The main influencing factors of flotation include grinding fineness, slurry concentration, dosage, aeration, flotation time and so on. In general, these process conditions require beneficiation tests and practical experience to determine. The flotation of gold minerals generally adopts a grinding or flotation process. For the ore with uneven grain size, the stage grinding process can be used. China generally adopts a grinding-floating process to achieve the enrichment of useful minerals.

    Requirements for grinding fineness of gold deposits

    The requirements for the fineness of the gold ore are generally required for the dissolution of gold wrapped in sulphide minerals, but the fineness of the grinding fineness of gold associated with the gangue requires a single dissolution of gold. At the same time, the fineness of a certain mineral is determined by experiment.

    Gold ore flotation process pulp concentration requirements

    The principle of gold ore flotation is: flotation of large-density, coarse-grained minerals, often with a thicker pulp; conversely, when flotation of small-density, fine-grained and slime with a more dilute slurry, choose thicker crude slurry, can guarantee to obtain higher recovery rate, choose to use more dilute concentration, help to improve the quality of concentrate.

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